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We stand behind our work. Civic Tax Relief will refund monies paid under our Client Agreement within the first 15 calendar days without any penalty or obligation*.

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If I could give Civic Tax Relief 100 stars I would. I completely understand every tax outcome is different but this company saved my behind. I called this company a day or two before the tax deadline being behind at least 5 years. To say I was terrified would be an understatement. I lost more nights of sleep due to my tax debt it was actually ruining my life. I spent years just waiting for a letter from the IRS. Waiting every week for my bank to be levied. This company not only was extremely friendly, courteous, and understanding they made the process so easy, even I could do it. And I am absolutely useless when it comes to taxes. Everyone that I worked with in Civic Tax Relief was so professional yet made me feel like I have known them my whole life. They reduced my tax debt to $100. I can’t thank them enough and I urge you to give them a call if you are behind on your taxes. Yea it is a bit expensive, but taxes are way more. Having their representation on my behalf was the best decision I’ve made in a very long time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Civic Tax Relief.
Dan DeFilipps
01:50 05 Sep 23
My experience with the representatives at Civic Tax Relief has been very rewarding. The representatives have been very polite and helpful and I would recommend this service to anyone that is in need of help.
Rosetta Zigler
19:28 10 Aug 23
The entire staff at Civic Tax Relief was excellent. I had spoken to each department at one point or another. They absolutely stayed with me till the end. They were patient with me, being flexible to my needs. In the end this unbelievable staff reversed a total IRS bill of $185,000. Even getting my refund to me. I am overjoyed by the outcome and will always speak highly about Civic Tax Relief! Thank you so much George, Sheri and staff!WG
Willie Griffin
23:36 17 Jul 23
I just wanted to say that I was in huge debt with the IRS and thanks to Civic Tax Relief they got me a settlement for only $100. God bless them for their help and hard work they put forth. Especially to Jmesha Love she was wonderful and always checked in on me. I appreciate you guys so much. Keep up the great work. Thanks for everything
Eric Hollins
00:22 15 Jul 23
Do the two years plus experience with the city tax relief this team is really awesome they've kept me up to date of things that that I had to give signatures for and also most of all the conversations and completion of their task they help and walk me through I've never had as much attention on something so delicate that could go wrong at any given time Yes there was one time that I thought we didn't make it to the date but they were able to rearrange the aspects with the IRS and then represented me was a phenomenal task for them I didn't think I was going to make through it but most of all they got me through it with positive input and they also told me what could be the outcome most of all it was all positive as long as I did my part I went in within time. The scheduling and the phone call conversations and the passing of missed call calls but we were able to get back together and reevaluate the documents and now that I do have that relief I can live my life like I need to with the responsibility I have to uphold for the next couple years and not have to look over my shoulder thanks to the team of city tax relief they're awesome and I'm hoping that everything continues on whoever uses them next be sure to stay in communication with them cuz they will stay in communication with you once again thank you Siri tax relief You've been awesome and I'm glad we were able to work together and you able to hold my hand and see me through this hardship but now no more hardship you guys got me back over top with excellent customer service!!!! Romero Bright aka Geronimo Joe....😇😇😃
Romero Bright
23:03 07 Jul 23
My tax situation was overwhelming to me. I had no idea where to start or turn to . I’d called around to local tax accountants without finding someone willing to take my workload on, not for a fair price . One day I heard a commercial by Civic tax relief on the radio and thought “ maybe they might know how to help me”The team assigned to my case was professional, curtíos and efficient. Starting at $27,,000.00 in the end I only ended up paying under $500.Today, after close to 25 years I am finally up to date and fully compliant with my taxes. What a weight off my shoulders…Thank you Civic Tax Relief, relief indeed!! 👍
Joey A
16:00 06 Jul 23
I had multiple years of un-filed federal tax returns resulting in approximately $15,000 of outstanding tax debt. An offer in compromise was filed and now this debt has been completely resolved for $100. Big thanks to Tuyet and company for getting this done. Tax issues ...give them a call.
duane ford
19:42 16 Jun 23
I would to thank Civic Tax Relief for all of your hard work on getting me back on track with my taxes. I would like to give Lizette Rodriguez a special recognition because she really work hard and beyond for me. She spent countless hours on my account. Even when things weren't going well she never gave up. I think she really loves what she do and have compassion for others. I can't thank you enough Lizette. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. May God continue to bless you and use you. Yours truly, Orlando Johnson
Orlando Johnson
22:47 06 Jun 23
Reaching out to Civic Tax Relief for assistance with my tax issues was the best decision I made last year. They walked me through each step of the process and went above and beyond to help me. They were patient with my busy schedule and made sure they answered all my questions and concerns. They checked in and kept me updated over the many months it took to get resolution. Thanks to their help my tax bill was settled with a 94% savings. It is such a relief and I could not be more satisfied with their service!
Jennifer Kielman
04:51 20 May 23
What can I say??? This company is outstanding and so professional. I heard about them through advertising on the radio. I decided to call and see if they could help me. Told them my situation and they accepted the challenge. Here we are many years later and I'm now debt free from oweing them over $30,000 to only paying $100 and debt free. I recommend them to anybody that us tired of running and want someone who is great at there job go to Civic Tax Relief and get the help you need.
Shawn Johnson Sr
17:30 11 May 23
Civic Tax Relief is an awesome company to join. They have excellent customer service. They listen to your concerns and answer all relevant questions that relates to your matter. Keep up the good works.
Betty Crenshaw
19:58 28 Apr 23
It's been a great journey working with the team of Civic Tax Relief. They are so professional in their work. I hired their team to deal with IRS's debt issue and compensate for the taxation amount. Finally, the decision was in our favor we won the case. All credit goes to their team.
Thomas S. Byrne
07:27 25 Apr 23
Civic Tax Relief Team is a great group of people to work with. I worked specifically with Jmesha Love. She was very professional and made my experience smooth. She went above and beyond to make sure I had all the information I needed to address my tax issues. I owed the IRS $50,000 and I ended up owing a lot less. I am worry free now! I highly recommend Civic Tax Relief!Jonathan S.
Debbie Slaton
19:10 28 Jan 23
Civic Tax Relief took my case on and spent four years working with me without any additional charges other than to complete some tax returns. They were persistent, fair, and great to work with. I don't know how other tax attorneys might work, but I don't need to know. If I ever need help again, I know I'm returning to Civic Tax Relief.
Linda Goin
20:53 25 Jan 23
Civic Tax relief was a complete game changer for us! When we came to Civic Tax relief our debt was over 30,000! We was a total wreck because before we decided to go with this company there were so many others that had taken our money without helping us with our IRS debt!So we was very skeptical about using them! Well fast forward it turned out to be a match made in heaven! We were notified about all of the details that was going to occur and even possible outcomes! They never gave up on us and they went into battle for us and we are totally grateful for the staff and most of all Mrs Love that basically held my hand and talked me through everything! We are at total peace knowing that everything is now resolved! Thank you for your professionalism and detailed oriented decision making. A job well done and we will definitely recommend this company to all of our family and friends!
Loretta Ford
01:21 10 Dec 22
Civic tax relief help me erase my hundred and $10,000 debt with no problems. They answered all my questions they are very professional and quick response I give them a five star rating. I would refer this company to anyone who has an IRS debt .you will not be disappointed
Casey Bazaldua
04:13 19 Nov 22
My tax situation was a fiasco. Over the years, I was negligent in dealing with the situation. While driving, I kept hearing great testimonies on the radio about how Civic Tax Relief resolved their issues. Well, in 2021 I finally took a chance and reached out to them. It was one of the best decisions I made. Cierra, Eric, Johnny, Megan, Scott, Thanh-Mai and the rest of team that worked on my case lifted a huge burden off my back. I really appreciate their expertise, time, and patience. I got my tax debt reduced with an affordable payment plan set up for $133.00 per month. I would most certainly recommend Civic Tax Relief to help resolve tax issues.
Yolanda Moore
16:58 17 Nov 22
I would like to express my gratitude to Civic Tax Relief for helping me and my spouse in our tax situation with the IRS. They were there from the beginning to the end in getting us a solution I would never believe it could be done but it was. One person I would like to acknowledge whom has been there till the end and is exceptional in what she does/ Cierra R. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing help with their taxes or anything else. From 1 to 10, they rate above 10. Thank you again once again Civic Tax Relief.... Christopher Ponce
20:24 10 Nov 22
Civic Tax Relief just helped resolve my tax issue with IRS. Now I have a breath of new life. My tax liability was reduced by almost 97%. I stand bold to say each member of their team are excellent. Thank you all for your professionalism and good work ethic. The best decision I made was making that call contacting Civic Tax Relief.
Gbemi Fasogbon
08:46 08 Nov 22
I contacted Civic Tax Relief after I received a letter from the IRS saying I owed over $10,000 for tax year 2018! I have to say I am not a wealthy person and for me that was going to stress out my already very stressed fixed income! I was feeling very overwhelmed and wasn’t sure how I was going to pay back this large amount of money. I went on the internet to start my search for an answer to my problem I read several reviews for other tax solving firms but none had a more positive feeling than Civic Tax Relief! I couldn’t have been more right! The folks at Civic Tax Relief listened to my problem, took down my information, and began working on my resolution. You have to remember that it takes time when dealing with the government and even longer when you are negotiating a debt! Civic Tax took care of everything! All I had to do was provide them with the information they needed. They were able to have my entire debt eliminated!I could not be happier with the services I received! They were always available whenever I had a question or needed to speak with them about my account! This is no doubt, the BEST TAX RESOLVING firm there is available on the Web! The entire staff was well versed on the always changing IRS Code! Their customer service and professionalism are outstanding attributes you want find at other firms! I hope I never have tax problems again, but if I do I know Civic Tax Relief is who I will be calling! I can not recommend them enough!
12:19 02 Nov 22
Everyone at Civic Tax Relief was friendly and courteous. They acted extremely quickly to resolve my issues with the IRS. A big thank you to all who helped me. Commendable services!
Irene Mathis
05:59 02 Nov 22
After being divorced for over 4years I started receiving letters from the IRS informing me that they would garnish my wages and file a lien against me. My former husband had cheated on several years of tax returns owing almost $30,000 after contacting Civic Tax Relief the demand letters from the IRS has finally stopped.after several months of waiting due to Covid 19 I finally received word that our offer in icompromise was excepted for $100.I can’t thank the friendly staff at Civic Tax Relief enough for giving me my life back. The communication with the staff was outstanding.Thank you for all the hard work!
Regina Wallace
17:52 29 Oct 22
I started with Civic Tax Relief back in 2017, after the IRS placed a levy on my accounts. I was terrified and had no clue what to do. I seen Civic Tax Relief on a commercial and decided to contact them. From the first initial call to the attorney office, til this present day. Civics Attorneys kept me in the loop and reassured me that everything was going to be ok! It was a long journey but here we are, October 28, 2022 The IRS has accepted an Offer in Compromise in the amount of $1,621 and has forgiven my $49,040 tax debt. If any one has any doubts about this company, I can say this; they are the real deal! I can honestly say, I can start my life over without the stress of dealing with the IRS.
Derrick Chapple
23:27 28 Oct 22
I am satisfied with the service of FiacreLegault. Their team has great knowledge I am was feeling grateful after receiving good advice from their team. I saw the outcome of my tax issues. Fabulous Team!!!!
Rose Butler
12:51 17 Oct 22
A great experience with Civic Tax Relief, Inc.I have some issues with my Civic taxes. So I called customer support. They picked my call on a ring and solve all my queries. The team is very cooperative and helps me out to resolve my tax issues.
07:18 19 Sep 22
I'd had a lot of issues with the IRS in the past. My life was revolutionized by the plan Civic Tax Relief's experts implemented for my IRS issue. The group assisted me in keeping up with the necessary paperwork and mediated a $20,000 settlement with the IRS. Without a doubt, the fact that my IRS issues are now resolved has made my life less stressful today.
Sonia Gill
08:12 01 Sep 22
Yes Civic Tax Relief worked dilligently to take care of my back taxes I owed ($15K) for 2019 return due to medical isssues (Spine Surgery-Lameninctomy) on July 27th, 2019 that caused nerve damage (Cauda Equina Syndrome) put me on leave of absence from my job as Resident Inspector on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) new vehicle contract for 775 rolling stock passenger rail cars at Bombardier Transit.I had not filed my taxes for 2019 and they handled all my returns for 2019, 2020 and 2021. I had not worked since July 19, 2019 and only had SSA benefits to carry me through.After initial consultation they advised me they could help me to reduce my tax burden and possibly all of what i owed. It took time many documents to file and follow up with.Over time they worked tirelessly to get results -- starting back in October of 2020 they grappled with all that i presented to them and over time they took each tax year and handled it professionally. The only year i owed was 2019 and finally June of this year i had great news that my tax debt file was closed as uncollectable and i owed the IRS zero dollars.It cost me for their services about 1/6th of what i had in debt, but i am clear now and grateful for their help. I would highly recommend Civic Tax Relief to help anyone needing assistance with their tax debt. Stephen Flatt
Stephen Flatt
23:57 23 Aug 22
I'm a school teacher who was in a serious problem when I filed a 1099 tax. And at that time, no one was taking my case thanx to Civic Tax Relief, Inc. They reviewed my case and working on it. We finally agreed on a deal, and they reduced my fear of losing everything I owned. Thanks to the team, I would like to recommend all my friends.
Jeff Johnson
12:38 28 Jul 22
I was shocked to see that the IRS had charged me additional tax and that too without justification. I tried to resolve the issue on my own through a thorough dialogue, but nothing went in my favor. Then I decided to contact Civic Tax Relief, and they not only recognized my issue but also smoothly resolved it. Highly recommended!!
Olivia Short
07:35 13 Jul 22
I have been using their services from past 2 years. And my experience with Civic Tax Relief have been Just excellent. The team members are professional. They always solve my problems quickly. Finally, now I am able to manage my finances with their guidance. 5 Stars!
Eva Day
11:52 11 Jul 22
My experience with Civic Tax Relief has been very satisfactory. All the phases have gone smoothly and the team works well together. I recommended it to all.
Kate Darke
11:32 05 Jul 22
Me and my wife are completely satisfied with the services. You guys have provided excellent service and resolved my IRS debt issue without wasting my hours. Highly recommended.
Joshua Ellison
08:03 04 Jul 22
I was in my final year of graduation and I have some financial issues. I couldn’t afford my university money. Then my uncle suggest me to cosult with their team for a study loan. I consult with the team and got the sanction of my loan without any hesitation. Amazing.
Ruth Henderson
07:25 28 Jun 22
I think tax issues are the worst thing ever. I consult with Fiacre LegaultCivic Tax Relief with phone. They give me the best suggestions and handle all my issues. They solved all my issues within a short time period. Kudos to your professionalism.
Florence Sciverit
08:01 23 Jun 22
Civic Tax treated us quite professionally!These guys are timely resolved my IRS debt issues and saved me valuable time. The work process is completely easy.
David Davidson
11:40 13 Jun 22
5 stars without any doubtMy experience is pretty good. The team is quite supportive and friendly. Kudos to your professionalism.
Jessica Murphy
11:48 10 Jun 22
I am really happy with the outcome of my tax issues. Through their professional team, I receive good advice in a professional manner. Just incredible service.
Frederick Holland
07:36 08 Jun 22
I highly recommend Civic Tax Relief. They are extremely thorough. The best thing is they prepared me for the future by filing all my returns and negotiated all my debt. And kept me away from collections
Dennis Christopher
04:53 16 Sep 21
Civic tax from day one was very detailed and left all the guessing on my part out of the equation. I was informed on how long it would take and also informed on what the end result would be and I was happy with results. I would recommend them to anybody who is struggling!
Johnny Jenkin
01:48 15 Sep 21
One one thing I liked about Civic Tax Relief was how very professional everybody was. There wasn't a question that wasn't answered and explained to the fullest. Every time I reached out within minutes if not a day I got a response back. It was just nice to know that someone had your back.
Lonnie phillips
04:10 12 Sep 21
Super friendly and helpful team! All questions answered in a very timely manner. Everything explained in detail for the process. Calls returned same day or next day and constant updating,
chris plabers
02:57 10 Sep 21
Very professional and extremely knowledgeable. 5 star service!
Qu Bt
02:24 14 Jul 21
Brilliant experience with the customer support team! I had dozens of queries related to their process of IRS tax resolving but they were patient enough to handle things! Hold on! I am pleased to see reduced tax after getting fair exemption!
maliko thomas
23:27 12 Jul 21
Civic Tax helped me a great deal. It saved me a ton of money and stress. It took about 3 months to complete and in the end I was very satisfied. Also they called at least once a month to keep me up to date on the progression of my status and the IRS off my back.
laura gray
03:19 12 Jul 21
Civic Tax was very professional in the way we were treated. Always responsive to our needs and answering any of our questions. The quality of the professionalism of keeping in touch with us was a relief. We could always count on them to pick up the phone or email us.
daisy kinght
03:05 12 Jul 21
Normally when you think “taxes” and finances you get a headache. Not here! You are walked through each process, seamlessly and treated as a person and not a number or a commission. I’m definitely continue to use Civic Tax, for all business going forward!
Emelia Duren
16:36 10 Jul 21
Professional and efficient! I highly recommend this business.
Mikita Johnson
20:35 09 Jul 21
I must say after having a bad experience with a different company I was skeptical. However, Civic Tax Relief reassured me that there are still honest people in the world that provide stellar customer service and specialize in results. I was always kept in the loop and given sound advice for my current situation as well as helpful tips that I will use forever. I'd recommend anyone to reach out and get the quality service that you deserve done the right way.
Joseph Wilson
15:47 09 Jul 21
Very professional and knowledgeable. Best decision ever made. The process was easy and all my concerns were addressed immediately.
Kimba Smith
15:40 09 Jul 21
Civic Tax Relief is where it's at and they are the business! They were definitely a relief for me and my tax issues. I would recommend Civic Tax Relief to anyone who is need of getting their tax problems resolved. You will not be disappointed. Make sure you check them out.
April Mckie
12:24 09 Jul 21
This is the best company ever! Great experience and I will surely use them again!
Shanyeari Hampton
02:45 09 Jul 21
I literally can’t get over how much this place has helped me and my situation! My family was always telling me to just pay the money but this company helped me figure out a better plan! For that I am forever grateful, y’all rock!
Tristyn Bonds
02:27 09 Jul 21
Civic tax really payments easy with their payment plan,two thumbs up
Laniqua Webb
02:10 09 Jul 21
Working with Civic has been such an easy, uneventful and educational experience. I’ve been in over my head with my taxes and they walked me through every step, being patient and explaining the process with me. I’m thankful because this is such an overwhelming task that I couldn’t do on my own. You guys deserve 10 stars just for the the lease of mind I have now. Thank you again.
Ericka Ellis Fire Starter
02:04 09 Jul 21
Best Customer Service!The staff were the best. Didn't cause unnecessary stress. Were willing to help and actually followed up and did what they said they were going to do.
Kiara Ingram
19:45 08 Jul 21
I have been looking for a company to help with clearing my IRS debt. Payment plan was easy and affordable
Keonna Teasley
19:13 08 Jul 21
I thought this process would take longer. It was fast and efficient
Carey Harrison
16:56 08 Jul 21
This company came highly recommended from a friend of mine. This is such an important task that I did not want to just give the task to any company. They have proven to be stellar!
01:32 08 Jul 21
I thought this process would take forever. This company was able to fix my situation quickly and efficiently. I'm impressed
01:30 08 Jul 21
I really enjoyed my experience with Civic tax relief. Danny guided me through the entire process step by step. Although I was reluctant at first, he held my hand throughout the whole process
Deezy Decks
01:20 08 Jul 21
I did a lot of research on which company that I wanted to go with to help with my tax needs. Civic tax relief ended up giving me the best value for what I needed. The service was pretty good too. Highly recommend
01:18 08 Jul 21
I was able to focus on running my business really well while the Civic Tax Relief team worked 24*7 to help me in the tax settlement process. I am really very satisfied with their excellent service.
Dale Reichel
08:28 28 Jun 21
Before I contacted professionals at civic tax relief, I never imagined that IRS would reduce the tax and give me enough time to pay it off! I feel so in control of my debt settlement & finances now.
Luz Martinez
12:40 29 Apr 21
All these phases. Phase 1 really didn't do anything but took my $465 then Phase 2 they wanted another $1200. If I had $1200 I could pay my own IRS bill. Sweet talking and did nothing for me but make me miss 3 payments.
Marie Berry
17:24 06 Apr 21
I did not know what to do when the IRS was breaking down my back for six years of unfiled tax returns. They had come to a point where they filed a Lien for nearly $150,000. After checking out many firms, I turned to Civic Tax Relief, which was one of the best decisions I had taken. The team was professional and personable. No promises was made other than they would work diligently to help me with the best. Finally, they were able to negotiate an Offer in Compromise for a total of $7200. Thank you.
Alec Sinclair
06:08 27 Oct 20
Civic Tax Relief's excellent team is truly an expert. They helped me a lot with my queries and also their proceedings were absolutely fine, not including any confusing terminologies. My lien has been removed and now I can lead a tension-free life…can't thank this company and their tax experts enough.
Elvera B. Lance
06:18 24 Oct 20
Civic Tax Relief team experts know IRS collections and rules & regulations like the back of their hand. The professionals settled my tax balance for a notable amount. I don’t think there is anything more to say. The results say it all. You will not be dissatisfied if you retain Civic Tax Relief, guaranteed. Thanks again.
Rachel Nolan
06:01 21 Oct 20
I always felt that everything I asked was answered and people were helpful, knowledgeable, & considerate. After the first call, I felt at ease and comfortable. I was completely satisfied with the process. Everything I was told would happen, happened, and everything the team at Civic Tax Relief said they would do was accomplished. I am now free from the IRS issues!!!
Joanne Manning
05:32 20 Oct 20
Civic Tax Relief team experts know IRS collections and rules & regulations like the back of their hand. The professionals settled my tax balance for a notable amount. I don’t think there is anything more to say. The results say it all. You will not be dissatisfied if you retain Civic Tax Relief, guaranteed. Thanks again.
Nicholas Drew
06:30 13 Oct 20
I could clearly see the unfair taxation of the IRS for my firm but had no idea to reduce it. Then, I contacted the CTC team through the web. Happy that the deal was worth….I’m satisfied now with the lowered tax amount.
Maria Crow
14:16 12 Oct 20
Civic Tax Relief was a blessing! The IRS has hounded me for years about back taxes that were clearly unfair. Thanks to team, my taxes on one year went from over $190,000 to under $5000! Within a week the garnishment was lifted and I was able to make affordable payment.
Demi Chambers
09:01 10 Oct 20
Very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. They know tax laws and worked best on my to resolve tax issues by providing the best alternatives. They take great pride in what they do and truly care about individuals and their circumstances. I highly recommend contacting them to solve IRS issues anyone might have.
Iris G. Lapoint
10:05 09 Oct 20
I want to thank the team of Civic Tax Relief for negotiating a tax settlement of $20. I owed the IRS roughly $225,000 and Resolve Tax reduced to 20 bucks. You would be a fool not to contact this excellent team if you owe back taxes and cannot afford to pay them. The team always returned my calls and provided the service I hired them for and I obviously could not be more satisfied with the outcome. 5 stars...
Robert Lujan
05:19 08 Oct 20
I immediately contacted the team of Civic Tax Relief when I got a letter from the IRS. I was very upset! They calmed me down and explained their procedure of tax resolution in detail. They were very professional, took me through the entire process. I cannot say enough good things about this firm. The tax amount was reduced after a week. Great...
Stephanie Hodges
07:44 05 Oct 20
Having tax issues is I think the worst thing! I contacted the team of Civic Tax Relief and from the first phone call, I was assured that the issue could be handled. They were able to break down what I needed to know and do in order to resolve my case in a timely and efficient manner.
Kayla Murphy
03:49 02 Oct 20
Matt is just Fab... I was hesitant to call him twice thinking about his busy schedule but he called me back. IRS has been continuously harassing me about the leftover debt which I guess is completely unfair. Once I sent all the information, the CTC team did their job for tax negotiation & settlement in just 3-4 days. The tax amount is reduced now. Hands-down...
Carlos Martin
05:55 30 Sep 20
Wow! I am so happy with the service and outcome received by retaining Civic Tax Relief. The team settled my IRS tax debt of $30,000 for $20000. I am still in disbelief. I can definitely say Civic Tax Relief fought for me and was in my corner throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend this company to anyone with tax issues as you will not be disappointed with the service provided. Thank you so much for all you have done for me Civic Tax Relief.
Warren Buckland
07:36 29 Sep 20
Having tax issues is never a good time. I contacted the team of Civic Tax Relief and from the first phone call, I was reassured that the issue could be handled. They were able to break down what I needed to know and do in order to resolve my case in a timely & efficient manner. I would recommend them to anyone struggling with IRS issues.
Tina Reyes
06:30 28 Sep 20
Civil Tax Relief understood my problems related to tax issues and guided me through every procedure quite patiently. I am glad to hire these guys for the same. After discussing with them about my problem related to tax, half of my burden was eased up. Excellent.
Frank Luckett
05:38 26 Sep 20
Due to my health issue and other financial problems, there was no way I could have ever paid back the $34,000 the IRS claimed I owed. The team negotiated a tax settlement of $20. They were actually able to get the IRS to settle the total balance due for less than 1% of my total tax debt. I am very grateful that I can now move on with my life as this debt was a major cause of my marital problems and a strain on my health which is already jeopardized. Thank you Civic Tax Relief!!!
Gretchen Thibodeau
05:46 25 Sep 20
At first, I was kind of skeptical about calling or contacting the CTR team. However, I am very glad that I did. They are willing to see the entire case through and help even after you have reached an agreement. My IRS issues got resolved within a very short time. Happy....
Rosa Rivera
06:28 24 Sep 20
I have been doing interstate traders for the past few years and the Civic Tax team is my go-to choice for solving issues related to tax or penalties. Their tax attorneys are very professional...hats off to them for helping me without any complications.
Kathleen R. Hamill
06:20 23 Sep 20
If I begin, there are not enough words to tell you how much I really appreciated Civic Tax Relief. Within 3 days my tax problem was solved. Furthermore, the rate I paid was fantastic, especially after calling around and finding how much other people were charging just to look at my tax problems. Finally, I highly recommend Civic Tax Relief to each and everyone out there!!
John Slater
14:39 22 Sep 20
Had a wonderful experience with the staff at Civic Tax Relief. I had trouble dealing with the IRS about my tax return for over 2 years. They gave me excuse after excuse about how they were working on my case and that it would be resolved in 45 days or less. After two years of dealing with the IRS, I contacted this professional team and they worked on my case right away. I was provided with a personal caseworker that updated me weekly about the status of my return. In less than a month I received my past two years of tax returns with interest. Really great help...
Nathan Arnold
06:10 21 Sep 20
Brilliant experience with the customer support team! I had dozens of queries related to their process of IRS tax resolving but they were patient enough to handle things! Hold on! I am pleased to see reduced tax after getting fair exemption!
Ricky Linton
05:50 19 Sep 20
Civil Tax Relief took all of my worries. I noticed that the IRS constantly increasing my debt for 2-3 times. So, I was left with a large debt. CTR team helped me a lot in this terrifying situation. Because of their support, I was able to reduce the tax amount and paid 'actual' tax. Their team stood up with me in every procedure from starting to the end. I am grateful for this help.
Jonathan Kelly
05:59 16 Sep 20
If we ever have a tax debt again (which we won't!) I wouldn't hesitate to have the wonderful team of Civic Tax Relief to handle it. They are just phenomenal in their work, and the way they helped me get over my debt problems, was highly commendable.
Brady Chavez
04:14 15 Sep 20
I got an IRS notification that I will get an exemption in the tax amount due to Covid-19 relief schemes but when I checked out the status of my debt amount, it was the same as before. I immediately took help from the CTR team. After a few hours of working, these guys informed me about the reduction. I was surprised yet happy! Many thanks!!
Sabrina Hodges
06:17 14 Sep 20
Their attorneys communicated with the IRS on my behalf and filled out all of the necessary paperwork to help me resolve my tax debt with the best possible outcome. I was at complete peace, as the Civic Tax Relief took all the burden away from me.
Kiara Grossman
05:15 12 Sep 20
Because of you guys, I settled with the IRS for less than $9K in debt as opposed to $20K of debt. I couldn't be happier enough! From the initial contact to the final decision they took, I got a really positive result. Definitely going to recommend your website to more people.
Victoria Johnston
06:04 11 Sep 20
My debt of over 50k and has been reduced to an amount that was no doubt surprising…...Thank you Civic Tax Relief for helping me get out of a hole that I never thought I could escape.Your suggestions have really worked.
Julian Mackay
05:34 10 Sep 20
These professionals had been a great help in my entire tax settlement procedure with the IRS. From start to finish, everything was easy to understand and the customer support team was even ready to help me with my query if I had any. I can't thank them enough.
Joseph Skinner
05:38 09 Sep 20
I am glad that these professionals help me settle my tax issues with the IRS. They left no stone unturned in guiding me for the same. Not only this, but their team also listened and solved every query I faced very patiently & politely.
Liam Rampling
06:01 08 Sep 20
I'm so glad I found this company… Called the IRS several times but they kept giving me the runaround. Civic Tax Relief was able to obtain all my records and documents in order to file all my delinquent returns…I can now finally sleep peacefully at night.....
Karen King
07:53 07 Sep 20
Since partnering with these guys, I never looked back to worries and hassle of solving IRS taxation issues. I am now able to focus better on trade to make good revenue instead of wasting time.
Michelle Greene
06:37 04 Sep 20
They were really very accomodating to know my situation and were persistent in getting the IRS issues resolved within a short time. Genuinely speaking, I was not expecting that the team would consider my problem on its top-priority list. I am super happy with their service and help too!!!
Keith Roberts
05:30 03 Sep 20
Professionals handled our case from beginning to end, and we didn’t have to speak or meet with the IRS at all. It was a wonderful experience taking help from such perfect people.
Nicholas Burgess
07:10 31 Aug 20
Glad that these guys provided free consultation even without my final confirmation. I couldn’t pay the entire tax amount to IRS because of unnecessary taxation. The debt of $10000 came down to $7500, which was very surprising. Hats off to their negotiation skills.
Samantha Butler
05:31 29 Aug 20
I was able to focus on running my business while their staff worked directly with the IRS. They resolved my case a lot quicker than expected and provided amazing customer service. Everything went quite well. Appreciate it!!!
Kimberly Sutherland
07:07 28 Aug 20
After several unsuccessful attempts to deal with the IRS, I contacted Civic Tax Relief…They provided excellent service and resolved my tax issue quickly, saving me hours of frustration. Very happy that I got the help of these professionals.
Carolyn Arnold
05:53 27 Aug 20
I consulted these guys for tax consultation, and they helped me to understand all the basics I needed to know about it. They were very friendly and cleared all of my doubts very politely. Great services!!!
Jared Christian
07:18 25 Aug 20
I received a great service and guidance from these guys!!! Everyone was fantastic in their work and helped me with the IRS tax resolution with great ease. Looking forward to great results too!!!
Lisa Oliver
11:34 24 Aug 20
The Civic Tax Relief team literally completed the requisite formalities to address my case correctly within a short time. I was so stressed at first, but their guidance and support took all my worries away. So, what I have to say is that if you really want a legit service to get all your IRS issues solved, then this platform is going to be the best option for you.
Sofia Galea
09:23 22 Aug 20
Had a great interaction with the professional people over there. Within 3 days, my tax problem was solved. Furthermore, the rate I paid was fantastic, especially after calling around and finding how much other people were charging just to look at my tax problems.
Tyler johan
13:50 21 Aug 20
I’m satisfied with the support of Civic Tax Relief. I started a real estate investment business three years back and had trouble determining the taxes. These people calculated the proper estimated taxes on my behalf and worked with the IRS to reduce it. Everything is fixed now and I am moving forward with zero stress.
Sylvester A. Ward
08:08 19 Aug 20
Civil Tax Relief accompanied me to resolve my tax issues very easily. Their team also provides free tax consultations to their clients and guides them perfectly for any queries related to it. Thank you for your guidance.
Jennifer Platt
05:47 18 Aug 20
I and my wife together manage our family business and we have been struggling with the IRS unfair taxation for a few years. We owed approximately $120,000…..that’s a huge amount for us! Thanks to the CTR team who immediately gained control of the collection agency, halted the IRS levies and made the final settlement at a total of $17,000. Unfair to give them less than 5 stars!
Todd Hensley
13:13 11 Aug 20
I did my research and compared Civic with other tax relief companies. After carefully analyzing the pros and cons I came to the conclusion that Civic is hands down the best in the business. Matt helped me out and went above and beyond what was necessary to gain my confidence in Civic Tax Relief. You can believe in this company to make miracles happen!
Larry Hays
18:30 09 Jul 20
I contacted Civic Tax Relief when I couldn’t resolve my tax issues with the IRS. Luckily, their team has been tremendously valuable to me over the past few months. They were efficient, reliable, and skilled in reducing the tax burden I had. Highly recommended firm.
Sharon G. Singleton
06:04 20 May 20
This company has done an outstanding job on my tax issues with the IRS for the past two years, thus I saved a good chunk of time and money on international taxes. Their staff is always professional, patient, and available 24*7 to help out. Excellent service.
Edward Nash
06:45 15 May 20
Tax issues- like IRS notices, penalties, and audits were really painful for me. Thanks to the Civic Tax Relief team, who completed necessary formalities in no time to fix my case correctly. So, all I have to say is that if you are in dire need of solving IRS issues, this company is not just good, in fact, the best choice. I’m pleased!!
Colin Hudson
07:12 14 May 20
Civic Tax Relief was very helpful on the phone with my tax issue. And we had gotten things resolved quickly. I called 10 different tax relief places, Civic Tax Relief was the only one that worked with my budget. I can enjoy my 2020 year. Thank you so much
Ryan Marshall
06:23 20 Mar 20
The enrollment process was easy and my interactions with their team of people were all very good. it's very scary when the IRS comes after you. But having them with me let me know that it was all being handled and my balanced go negotiated from $10,000 to $367!
George A. Ortiz
06:43 18 Mar 20
It’s scary when you owe the IRS, we received letters left and right! I lost sleep and stressed out over this. My favorite part of everything was the great price and we didn’t have to pay at one time , they allowed us to do a payment plan according to our budget. It’s nice knowing that this isn’t a money hungry law firm
Aanal Likas
07:47 16 Mar 20
The person we thought we trusted to do our taxes had triggered an audit with the IRS. Everyone one that we spoke to told us to get a professional for audit case. Every time we called we got someone to update up! So refreshing !!!We highly recommend them to anyone who can’t deal with the IRS on their own!
Cassi Therrien
08:31 14 Mar 20
I must say, this is one of the best tax debt settlement and tax resolution service providers in town. They resolved my IRS tax issues very quickly, professionally, and affordably. I am super satisfied with the excellent work these guys did for me.
Faith Sanderson
07:18 13 Mar 20
Thank you to Civic Tax Relief my debt with the IRS was lowered almost to zero!! It did take some time to address, but first and foremost they managed the aggressive IRS letters and did an outstanding job of representing me. Very professional informant always willing to answer any question no matter how small it may be
Felicity Blake
08:29 05 Mar 20
Civic Tax Relief helped me tremendously. My case has been handled expeditiously and there was never an instance where I felt my best interest was in jeopardy. Having direct contact numbers alleviated the stress of having to wait through prompts in order to speak with an individual always and directly. A rather quick and restful solution with the best customer service to keep me updated during the process
Dan Wallace
11:26 04 Mar 20
Civic Tax Relief has the greatest Tax team that's out there. They go for and beyond there ability to get you the greatest resolution. They will tell you your greatest options to go with, while keeping everything very professional!
James Witherspoon
21:44 26 Feb 20
The team I was assigned was fantastic. They communicated with each other and myself every step of the way. Each step, or phase, was explained to me. Total transparency. At the end the results exceeded my expectations by 200%!! No exaggeration!! Great results for my case!
Willie Beaman
01:00 17 Nov 19
They are going to help me lower my taxes. They are fast when it comes to the paper work. U have to pay a fee in the beginning and another fee when they have done their investigation, , it is all worth it if u owe more than 10,000
Shona Chestnut
14:41 07 Nov 19
The process is a little lengthy however they were able to get a huge chunk of my tax debt down!Shoutout to my agent matt!
Alison Mender
05:27 19 Oct 19
Thank you to Civic Tax Relief my debt with the IRS was lowered tremendously. They helped guide me trough the whole process and made me feel very comfortable and knowledgeable as to what they could help me out with. I’m so glad I decided to call because Civic Tax Relief helped me so much and did all the work which was a huge relief for me and took so much stress off of me trying to take care of it on my own. Thank you Civic Tax Relief!!! I highly recommend using their services.
Farrah Perry
20:31 17 Sep 19
Customer service was great, saved money. I can't complain. Thank you Guys, SERIOUSLY!
Cameron Ogmen
21:40 04 Sep 19
I hired Civic Tax Relief at the beginning of this year and was thrilled with my resolution results. They reduced $3,000 in penalties from my older tax years and got me into a non-collectible status where my balances are soon to expire. The process was lengthy but they provided updates almost every month and everyone I spoke to gave the best customer service. They were detailed and always understanding when I was going through financial difficulties. I trusted Civic Tax Relief throughout the whole process and they really were on my side. Highly Recommend!!
Tiffany Murray
23:46 31 Aug 19
Civic Tax Relief helped me tremendously. Due to my financial circumstances, I did not see a way out of my situation, but they worked with me and maintained excellent communication. The investigation process was quick and informative. They relayed to me everything about my tax situation, and then gave me the option to move forward into the resolution process of their program. I was very worried and truly did not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was being garnished and was barely able to afford my bills, however, they were flexible with a payment plan. The resolution process saved my life. They were able to alleviate the garnishment as well as lower my liability, and put me in a program to make payments on whatever was remaining. I feel like I can live a normal life again and not have my past situation hanging over my head. Thank you CTR.
Debra Smith-Cook
20:08 04 Jul 19
Civic Tax Relief helped my life turn around for the better! After years of letting my Tax debt get out of hand and spiral out of control, they were able to get me the representation I needed. Not only was my total tax debt amount reduced to a lower amount, they also were able to get the levy lifted off of my bank account.. I appreciated their professionalism and always keeping me in the loop with an updated status on my case.. THANK YOU for the Relief
NextUpElite Sports
13:19 20 Jun 19
I rarely review anything but my recent experience with Civic Tax Relief has been exceptional from start to finish. I owed back taxes from years of owning my own business. I reached out to them after hearing their ad on the radio. It took roughly 8 mo to resolve my tax debt but I was able to settle at a fraction of what I owed. They were very patient and flexible with any fees during the whole process. I will definitely be referring others in similar situations.
david min
23:08 17 Apr 19
Had a great experience with them, and the outcome of my situation was great because of them, I will most definitely use them again if I ever have the need to, and recommend the to my family and friends and anybody that needs help, thanks for everything John Vargas, and all the people at Civic Tax Relif. thank you......
jaime granillo
21:01 17 Feb 19
I originally owe $20k to the IRS. After contacting civic tax relief they are difinitly the right place to get the IRS off ur back. Just a few thousands they sure took care of my debt with the IRS. Very satisfied
David Tran
21:41 03 Dec 18
omg, Im so happy I wanted to cry. When I called civic tax relief earlier this year I wasnt sure if this was real. At that time I owed the IRS a lot of money, no idea how I was going to pay. I was feeling completely hopeless. The guy I spoke with was really calming though. He sounded sincere and honest. I was on the fence but I decided to do it because I really had no choice. I didnt have thousands and thousands of dollars to just give the IRS. This was the best decision I could have made. Thank you sooo much Civic Tax Relief!!!!!!!!!!!
19:29 03 Dec 18
I usually dont take the time to go out of my way and write reviews, but after the work these guys have done for me, its only right. I owed more money than I ever thought id be able to pay off. If youre in the same situation and wondering how youre ever gonna get out of this hole, give these guys a call. They straight up know what theyre doing. Im extremely grateful for all theyve done for me. I can go on with my life now and not worry about the IRS taking my paycheck.
JohnPaul Vargas
17:39 03 Dec 18
Due to inconsistent pay and jobs, I haven't been able to file taxes for the past few years. I was extremely afraid I was going to owe an arm and a leg in just fees alone from being 1099. Civic Tax was able to not only update me on my current tax issues I had, but they were able to bring my taxes down tremendously! I did have to pay a fee for their service, but that was nothing compared to how much I was saving. I definitely recommend them to friends and family. Thank you again!
Andrew Wynters
00:43 15 Aug 18
I was very skeptical of this company when I first saw the advertisement. After calling and speaking with Matt I felt like I was in good hands and that I was finally going to be getting the quality help that I needed. I was in a very tough financial situation and they were able to help me without any money up front. Matt was very flexible with meeting my financial needs and I would highly recommend this company to whoever is struggling with paying off their taxes.
David Garduno
11:00 06 Jan 18
Civic tax saved my life! The IRS was taking money from each of my paychecks and civic tax relief was able to stop that and reduce my debt by at least 65%. Every person I talked to made me feel welcomed and always were accommodating to my needs. I will definitely be suggesting civic tax relief to anyone who is in a similar situation as me. I’m not positive of the name of the gentlemen I talked to, but I think his name was Matt. He was very kind and helpful, he checked up on me and made sure I was aware of every step of the process. He went went above and beyond to meet my needs.
Halie Teague
10:49 06 Jan 18
I owed the IRS a huge amount of money from years of doing my taxes wrong. I heard the ad from civic tax relief and decided to give it a try, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only did they deal with the IRS for me, my wages were no longer being garnished and my payments are much more affordable for me. I would highly recommend civic tax relief to everyone.
21:50 28 Dec 17
My IRS debt had gotten long overdue. I never wanted to contact them because I thought it would be an insurmountable amount. However, when I heard the ad for civic tax relief, I gave them a call. They made this process so much easier than I expected. They were very communicative and walked me through every step of the process. They handled everything and I'm on my way to being debt free . Thank you civic tax relief. I highly recommend!
DeAndre Etherly
01:52 28 Dec 17
I highly recommend any with tax problems to call Civic Tax Relief. They help change my life. The IRS kept sending me letters about money I owed and I just couldn’t understand why. They reviewed all of my letters and provided me with a detailed explanation of each letter. The resolution to my tax problem was a settlement for a low monthly repayment plan. The staff at Civic Tax Relief are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks for everything Civic Tax Relief
Erick Hill
20:44 27 Dec 17
Civic Tax Relief helped me out in a major way. They settled my debt and negotiated an affordable payment for me. No more garnishments or bank levy’s. I definitely recommend that you use Civic Tax Relief to help solve issues with back taxes.
B White
20:22 27 Dec 17
Civic Tax Relief helped with stopping my garnishment, filed my back taxes, and assisted with a settlement offer that was accepted by the IRS. They provided fast, friendly, and affordable service. I would strongly recommend them to anyone seeking assistance with tax debt.
Shonda Etherly
19:38 27 Dec 17
I am so happy that I chose to team up with Civic Tax Relief on my tax issues. At the end of my resolution they saved me $135,000! The garnishments on my paychecks have stopped and my installment agreement is affordable. Thank you Civic Tax Relief!
Teegan Seipp
01:00 07 Nov 17
Civic Tax relief saved me 28 thousand dollars from the irs. I am beyond thankful for their help! I would highly recommend the service to anyone that needs help with taxes.
Bruce Rose
00:48 07 Nov 17
I had been stressed out day and night about the notices i have been receiving from the IRS. I had attempted multiple time to fix the issue with the IRS only to end up with a payment plan in favor of the IRS with no regard to my actual financial capabilities.I heard Civic on the radio and decided to give them a call.I am on track and currently resolving the issues i am facing in my favor thanks to the hard working team fighting for me through Civic Tax. Seriously Thank you guys it means a lot.
steezy bee
16:01 16 Oct 17
Prior to calling into Civic Tax Relief I was dealing with taxes for a few unfiled years and a severe amount of back taxes owed. After speaking with Civic Tax Relief I had a huge sense of relief as the took over my entire case and most importantly resolved my tax issue and saved me money!
Brian Vaughn
15:55 16 Oct 17
I was receiving letters from the IRS for about 5 months and they were threatening to take my paychecks. I didnt know what to do. I had heard a commercial on the radio about Civic Tax Relief so i called them and they were able to help me out. I got the services i was needing and was able to bring my liability down about 7 thousand dollars. Thank you Civic Tax Relief for making this as easy as possible.
Mathew C
14:25 16 Oct 17

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