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Tax Negotiation & Settlement, IRS Audit Defense and More

At Civic Tax Relief, we’re passionate about tax debt settlement and tax resolution. We are committed to resolving state and IRS tax issues quickly, professionally, and affordably. Let’s face it, if it’s not a financially agreeable solution, it doesn’t matter how well or quickly it’s delivered.

Our staff of tax professionals, which include tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and certified public accountants (CPA), are committed to helping resolve IRS-related problems. The tax code changes each year—sometimes with significant ramifications–making it imperative to seek professional assistance and representation to navigate the high-pressure collection policies of state and federal tax agencies.

Civic Tax Relief can help with any number of state and IRS tax problems, we most frequently help customers in the following areas:

  • Back Taxes
  • IRS Audit Defense
  • Tax Levies & Liens
  • Tax Negotiation & Settlement
  • Tax Penalties & Interest
  • Wage Garnishment

If you feel like you can’t catch your breath, you’re not alone.

It’s no secret that anxiety and depression are common results of the aggressive collection policies used by taxing authorities.

Don’t let your tax issue impact your health. Take a few minutes to speak with one of our tax professionals to learn whether your case is something you can handle on your own or if it can be efficiently handled by a member of the Civic Tax Relief team.

Civic Tax Relief helps hardworking individuals and business owners resolve tax debts through years of expertise and a commitment to ethical, efficient and professional customer care.

Call now for a free consultation: 800-790-1507

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