Self-Employed Protection Plan

Ideal for Self-Employed People that Require Complex Tax Solutions

Self-Employed Plan: $199/month

This plan is ideal for self-employed workers who receive Forms 1099 (e.g., independent contractors and freelancers).

IRS Assistance

  • Collection Monitoring: When Civic Tax Relief monitors your IRS compliance, we can notify you of any pending collection action before you suffer the financial consequences.
  • IRS Balance Monitoring: If you have an outstanding balance with the IRS, Civic Tax Relief will monitor your tax balance. We are able to gain access to any changes to your tax balance, which we’ll include in the monthly report we provide. This saves you the hassle of contacting the IRS on your own.
  • Discounted Tax Resolution Fees: If you fall out of compliance with the IRS, you will qualify for our resolution services at a discounted rate. However, the plan is designed to help you stay in compliance.
  • Audit Assistance: Should the IRS audit a filing that we have prepared, Civic Tax Relief’s tax professionals are there to help. We’ve handled every type of audit; rest easy knowing that our qualified team will assist you through the process start to finish.

Tax Prep Assistance

  • $2,000 Tax Preparation Guarantee: If a legitimate preparer error is made during the filing of your tax return, you’ll be reimbursed for any expenses incurred up to $2,000.
  • 1040 Tax Preparation: A Civic Tax Relief tax preparer or enrolled agent will prepare your annual tax return, which helps ensure the accuracy of your return and maximizes deductions.

Business Tax and Counsel

  • Tax Withholding Analysis: Our tax professionals can help you stop leaving money on the table with a tax withholding analysis. We’ll help ensure that you pay only the minimum amount in taxes.
  • Quarterly Estimated Payment Analysis: When you’re self-employed or a contractor, accurately estimating your quarterly tax withholdings is imperative. We handle this for you every quarter, which helps you stay compliant.
  • Your Own Dedicated Tax Professional: A dedicated tax professional will be assigned to you, which makes it easier to know who to contact with questions.
  • Profit & Loss Preparation: Accurate Profit and Loss (P&L) reports help you determine whether you’re paying too much or too little in taxes. When Civic Tax Professionals help, rest assured knowing that revenue and expenses are properly categorized and calculated.

ID Theft Protection

  • ID Protection Plan: Identity theft happens all day, every day. With our ID theft protection plan, you and your family are safer and more secure.
  • $1,000,000 ID Theft Protection Insurance: Should your identity be stolen, you are covered with $1,000,000 of identity theft protection insurance.

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"I owed the IRS 19k dollars and had been on a payment plan with them of $100 a month for what seemed like forever—as it was mostly all interest. I was referred over by a friend of mine who also had tax debt and was able to get it resolved through Civic Tax. Frankly I’m glad I contacted you guys. I was eligible for an offer in compromise and got it resolved for a fraction of what I owed and was just making payments towards interest. I wish I would have contacted you guys a long time ago. Thanks again!"


Jeff S.


"I signed up with Civic Tax Relief for investigation and resolution of my tax matter. The IRS was harassing me over unfiled returns and threatened me with $65,000 in proposed taxes, penalties and interest. Civic Tax Relief quickly investigated my matter, and contacted the IRS on the first day that I enrolled. The calls and harassment immediately stopped. Civic Tax Relief helped me file my returns, and eliminated my liability. Everyone at Civic Tax Relief was professional and helpful at all times, which put my mind at ease."


Doug G.

Rhode Island

"I first received a notice from the IRS regarding a 1099 tax debt I received from 2012. After calling the number on the notice repeatedly and not even being able to get a representative on the line for over an hour and half, I heard CTR’s advertisement on Pandora. I gave them a call and after speaking with one of their associates, I immediately felt that I was in great hands, and that I no longer had to worry about the IRS diving into my paychecks or bank accounts. Not only were their representatives knowledgeable and professional, they really gave me the peace of mind that I was going to find the best possible resolution for my particular tax debt. Thank you, CTR, for giving me the light at the end of the tunnel!"


Kyle T.


"I owed the IRS over $24,000. Civic Tax Relief was able to reduce my balance by 60% and negotiate an easy payment plan for the remaining amount. Thanks, Civic!"


Paul A.


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