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Civic Tax Relief Reviews

When it comes to tax relief reviews, Civic Tax Relief customers aren’t shy about sharing how easy it is to work with our tax resolution experts. We are committed to resolving your IRS and state tax issues as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. If you’re looking for peace of mind, you’re in the right place.

Feel like you can’t catch your breath? You’re not alone.

It’s no secret that anxiety and depression are common results of the aggressive collection policies used by taxing authorities.

Before I reached out to Civic Tax Relief, the Federal owed was $31,000 and the State amount due balance was $33,000. I avoided the IRS and went a number of years without paying my taxes. I was fearful of what the outcome could be for my family. After receiving balance due letters, possible Lien and Levy
notices, I made the decision to contact Civic Tax Relief.

Civic Tax Relief negotiated my Federal to a Currently Not Collectible status and reduced my State balance to $3,500. This was fantastic news! My family was grateful to see all the stress relieved from me; I can finally sleep well at night.

My journey with Civic Tax Relief was outstanding! Paige Gibson made me feel safe and always kept me updated with each step along the way. She answered all my questions and concerns immediately. I will say I’m so happy I went through this resolution process, and I would recommend Civic Tax Relief to all my family and friends. I will continue to pay my taxes without being afraid.

Jason C.

Springfield, OR

I was afraid of how much tax debt I might owe to both the state and government: I owed the IRS more than $14,000. I was unemployed for two years, became pregnant and had a child and then was living at poverty level for two years. I was afraid that I wouldn’t even have the money to pay back what I might owe and allowed a “mole-hill to become a mountain” due to my fears.

Civic Tax Relief made a huge difference, not only by getting any debt I may have had, forgiven, but also because the staff members that work there are so incredibly friendly and have been trained in customer service. They also do all the work for you and make things so easy for someone who is working full time and very busy with being a single parent who is raising a young child. I am a huge procrastinator, and they didn’t give up with their help and used gentle reminders to complete the very easy tasks I did have to complete.

I would highly recommend Civic Tax Relief and easily give them a FIVE star rating, as every one of their employees deserves to have a high recommendation given to them for work well done. Thank you SOOOO much!

Laura B.

Grass Valley, CA

I owed the IRS over $22,000 and there was no way I could pay it. It was growing monthly and overwhelming. The stress was making me ill. After trying several times to resolve the issue by myself I finally reached out to Civic Tax Relief. Not only did they resolve my account to my best interests but their level of understanding, patience and true kindness was a wonderful surprise. They guided me through every step of the way. I never had to wonder what was happening with my case. I can now enjoy my life again. I am moving back home to be with my grandchildren without fear of garnishment.

Thank you so much Civic Tax Relief team!

Ana S.

Miami, FL

I owed the IRS 19k dollars and had been on a payment plan with them of $100 a month for what seemed like forever—as it was mostly all interest. I was referred over by a friend of mine who also had tax debt and was able to get it resolved through Civic Tax. Frankly I’m glad I contacted you guys. I was eligible for an offer in compromise and got it resolved for a fraction of what I owed and was just making payments towards interest. I wish I would have contacted you guys a long time ago. Thanks again!
Jeff S.


The back taxes I owed to the IRS seemed to build constantly, and it felt like a snowball that just couldn’t get reduced trying to resolve it on my own. I had heard an ad on the radio from Civic Tax Relief and decided to see if they could help. I am happy I took the first step in reaching out! The tax specialist immediately informed me on what to expect realistically moving forward with the process in resolving my tax debt, along with a timeline of how long it would take. Not to mention they helped take all the stress off my shoulders and placed it on theirs. It’s so nice having the peace of mind moving forward that I can finally sleep knowing this stress is gone. I want to say thanks to the tax professionals and the whole team at Civic Tax Relief!
James B.


I had never had a tax issue so I didn’t know how to approach it. Civic walk me through the whole process from beginning to end. Best decision ever.


I signed up with Civic Tax Relief for investigation and resolution of my tax matter. The IRS was harassing me over unfiled returns and threatened me with $65,000 in proposed taxes, penalties and interest. Civic Tax Relief quickly investigated my matter, and contacted the IRS on the first day that I enrolled. The calls and harassment immediately stopped. Civic Tax Relief helped me file my returns, and eliminated my liability. Everyone at Civic Tax Relief was professional and helpful at all times, which put my mind at ease.
Doug G.

Rhode Island

I owed the IRS over $24,000. Civic Tax Relief was able to reduce my balance by 60% and negotiate an easy payment plan for the remaining amount. Thanks, Civic!
Paul A.


Civic Tax, I’m sending this text to let you all know I am a very very satisfied client. I received my tax returns. Ms. Paige, Mr. Matt and Mr. Travis are so very professional as is everyone. I will recommend anyone who needs help with their taxes. You all will be doing my future taxes.
M. Williams


I would like to begin by saying, that like most people, I too was skeptical of these firms claiming to help with back tax issues.

Upon contacting Civic Tax Relief with some basic questions, I was immediately impressed with their professionalism and knowledge of this somewhat lengthy process. I had contacted other firms before, and they just couldn’t convince me to take the chance for them to help. It seemed that it was all about the “fees” up front. I mean, I get it, I already know that this is not a free service. But with Civic Tax Relief, they did not even hint at any costs until all my questions had been answered thoroughly and in terms which I could easily understand.

With that being said, once I chose them to take on my case, they worked out a comfortable payment plan for me to cover those fees–not a plan that was convenient for them. (Most firms will not even suggest a payment plan, and they won’t begin to work on your case until they’ve been paid in full.)

Life happens fast. And without realizing it until many years later, I found myself neck-deep in debt with the IRS. As you all know, the IRS is NOT the best people to owe money to, as they will go through great lengths to leave you broke, without any consideration of the fact that even though we owe them X amount of money, we still have a life to live. Civic Tax Relief assured me, that upon making my very first payment, they would begin the process of finding a resolution to my huge problem. And they did not disappoint. Make no mistake, this is a lengthy process, but rest assured that Civic Tax Relief will be with you all the way through.

I had many years of unfiled taxes and had been receiving threatening letters and phone calls from the IRS. CTR started the process by collecting all of my un-filed returns, getting me up to date with having them filed, then carefully making sure that any and all information for each of those years was as accurate as possible. If any of you have ever had the IRS file a return for you, then you already know you will end up owing THEM virtually every time. CTR made sure that each year that I was filing back-taxes, was handled properly, with no stone left unturned. At the end of this first step, it was determined that I owed the IRS upwards of almost $50K.

Here we are, more than a year since this process started, and Civic Tax Relief has been with me all the way! I am happy to say that CTR has well exceeded my expectations. They explained, in detail, each of the options that I could exercise to tackle the remaining debt, which they managed to decrease by almost $20K! This was done with CTR contacting me often, whenever they needed any additional information or documents. There are periods in which it’s just a matter of waiting for the IRS to do their thing, and even then, CTR would either give me a call or send me an email just to see how I was doing!

These days, after CTR advising me on what they felt was the best resolution option for me, I am almost debt free. There’s no way that I could’ve done it without their help.

If you owe back taxes to the IRS and are considering hiring someone to help, DO NOT HESITATE to contact Civic Tax Relief for what I now know, will be the best option for YOU, too. I can assure you, you will not come away disappointed. On the contrary, you will be absolutely glad that you did!

Kenneth Z.

New York

Before contacting Civic Tax Relief, I’d tried to resolve my $20K debt on my own. With the help of Civic Tax, my debt was taken out of collections and placed into Currently Non-Collectible Status. By not having this debt hanging over my head for the rest of my life, I am able to have peace of mind. During the process, I worked with some of the most fun, professional, and friendly people I know.
Amos P.


I first received a notice from the IRS regarding a 1099 tax debt I received from 2012. After calling the number on the notice repeatedly and not even being able to get a representative on the line for over an hour and half, I heard CTR’s advertisement on Pandora. I gave them a call and after speaking with one of their associates, I immediately felt that I was in great hands, and that I no longer had to worry about the IRS diving into my paychecks or bank accounts. Not only were their representatives knowledgeable and professional, they really gave me the peace of mind that I was going to find the best possible resolution for my particular tax debt. Thank you, CTR, for giving me the light at the end of the tunnel!
Kyle T.


When I reached out to Civic Tax Relief I owed the IRS $16,354. I had also received a notice from my employer that they were going to start garnishing my wages on my next paycheck, which at that point I wasn’t going to afford paying my rent. I had heard about Civic Tax Relief on the radio a few days prior, so I decided to give them call. Once I went through the whole process, the agent told me they were going to try hard to stop the garnishment. Two days later, I received a call from one of their pros saying they were lifting my garnishment, which saved my life. After it was all said and done, they also negotiated my balance to the bare minimum of a couple thousand dollars. Thank you, Civic Tax Relief!
Zack B.


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