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What is a Refund Offset?

The only thing worse than owing taxes to the Government is finding out that you're getting a tax refund but Uncle Sam is taking it to pay off a debt. This practice is called a "refund offset." Administered by the Bureau of the Fiscal Service (BFS), a branch of the...

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Here’s What You Can Do About IRS Notice CP 504

If you have received IRS Notice CP504 from the Internal Revenue Service, it means that you have an outstanding tax balance. The IRS sent the notice to inform you of its intent to seize, confiscate, or levy any state tax refunds that you may receive. Additionally, the...

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Will the IRS Forgive Back Taxes?

Ever wondered, "Will the IRS Forgive Back Taxes?" Well, considering $400 billion in taxes go unpaid each year, it's not surprising that the 75,000-page tax code has no section on debt forgiveness. While the IRS isn't known for its charity, there are options for...

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