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Is the IRS After You? Get Help with Tax Negotiation and Settlement

Tax Consultation, Tax Negotiation and Settlement

Filing taxes ranks up there with visiting the in-laws and planning your own funeral. The fact that you have to do it every year doesn’t seem to ease the stress–probably for good reason. A single error, after all, could land you in the hot seat with the Federal government.

We’d like to reassure you that tax audits aren’t the end of the world, but we can do one better. When that IRS letter arrives in the mail, taxpayers need expertise, not blanket reassurances. At Civic Tax Relief, our consultants, attorneys, Enrolled Agents, and CPAs have the experience needed to help you not only understand the problem but also formulate a plan to resolve it.

  • More Than Moral Support: Yes, we’re “here for you” in that feel-good way, but our expertise isn’t in grief counseling. We’re tax professionals. Our support during the audit process is based on timeliness and knowledge of the law, the process, and the risks to you as a taxpayer.
  • With Haste Comes Error: If you do get a letter, the IRS encourages you to “Read, Respond, and Pay”–all as quickly as possible. If you remember that the IRS is basically a collection agency for the Federal government, that advice isn’t surprising. Other than the first word–“Read”–it’s also not necessarily in your best interests. While the IRS will provide a date by which it expects you to respond, doing so immediately and without thoroughly reviewing your full options may not be wise. Like many hastily made decisions, it could end up costing you.
  • Prepare, Plan, and Be Patient: Tax reform or none, the IRS isn’t the easiest government agency to deal with. Its agents may push and pressure you into taking quick action. Don’t! Whether you’re dealing with federal taxes or personal credit loans, debt resolution requires meticulous planning. There is often a fine line between a payment plan that is too strict, and therefore financially crippling, and too soft, thus costing you more in interest than is necessary. We can help you take a deep dive into your current and future financial situation in order to get the best deal for your livelihood.

At Civic Tax Relief, we specialize in fast and affordable tax solutions, with the added perk of delivering a little peace of mind. Don’t let an IRS audit send you to an early grave. Contact us today for a consultation with the tax experts.