Military individuals sacrifice a lot for their country by moving where they are needed and frequently putting themselves in harm’s way. However, when a member of the armed forces gets into tax trouble, it is important to know the resources available and how to get out of debt. At Civic Tax Relief, we’re committed to providing tax help for military households. These tips will help you handle any IRS tax problems in your military household.

Know your Benefits
The IRS provides a variety of benefits after laws like the Military Family Tax Relief Act was passed. Learn more about the benefits involved and the ways that certain aspects of income are excluded at the IRS website.

File Correctly For Combat Zone Taxes
Combat Zone service is excluded from taxation, according to the IRS, but the rules can be complex and hard to follow. It’s important to read about the tax exclusion to make sure you don’t owe taxes for other income outside of your time in the combat zone.

Share Information with Your Whole Family
While many military personnel will know information about their taxes, sharing with your spouse or grown children can be helpful for making sure all tax papers are filed consistently. Special deadlines for combat zone tax paperwork, for instance, are worth mentioning even if a different member of your household is in charge of completing the paperwork each year.

Reach out to Knowledgeable Professionals
Civic Tax Relief is a service that can help you when your IRS troubles seem overwhelming. They can help you take advantage of any benefits to military personnel and file for the extensions and repayments that you need to get back on your feet. To learn more about getting your military household out of tax trouble, contact Civic Tax Relief: you can call (800-790-1507), email (, or visit us online.

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