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How Will A Tax Lien Impact You?

Back Taxes, Tax Levies and Liens


A tax lien is the government’s legal claim to seize all personal property and assets of a taxpayer who has failed to pay a tax debt. Tax liens are also public information so having one filed against you can have some pretty negative implications. However, no matter bad you think your situation might be, you are not alone. If you have had a tax lien filed against you, you need an IRS tax lien release.

Credit Delinquency. An immediate result of getting a tax lien filed against you is that your credit score will take a hit. How harmful that hit may be depends on how long you have had the lien, what the outstanding balance is, and which credit scoring model is used. However, the damage is done. If you were planning on making a major purchase such as applying for a mortgage, think again. Once a tax lien appears on your credit report, it can remain there indefinitely if you haven’t paid the debt. And for seven years still, even if the debt is paid.

Property Seizure. Another consequence of a tax lien is the daunting reality that you can lose your property. Depending on if it’s at the local, state, or federal level, you could very well lose your home over a few hundred dollars owed. Even if you don’t have a house or car that can be confiscated, a lien also gives the government access to your bank accounts, wages, or other government payments. In a time of increasing budget shortfalls and deficiencies, the government is always guaranteed money owed no matter what the cost is to you.

What Options Do I Have?

When a tax lien is filed, you have several options to address it. If you think it is a mistake, gather all resources and paperwork to start an appeal process. Depending on the tax authority, this can be started with a simple phone call. If you are responsible for the lien, simply pay the debt. If you have already paid the debt and want to eliminate the derogatory mark from your record, research any specialty programs from where the lien was filed. A great example of this would be the Fresh Start Program that was created to help with the removal of federal tax liens. 

Dealing with a tax authority on your own can be an overwhelming process. If you have had a tax lien filed against you and you’re unsure of what to do, do not procrastinate. The longer you wait will only increase your debt and lead you down a hole that will be extremely difficult to get out of. The guidance and help you need is here at Civic Tax Relief and we will set you up for financial success. Be sure to contact us today!