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Overview of the IRS Fresh Start Program

Back Taxes

Paying federal income taxes is a responsibility that all individuals and businesses share. While most are able to stay on top of their tax obligations, a variety of circumstances can force an individual or small business to fall behind. While getting behind on debt owed to the IRS used to be very problematic, the IRS Fresh Start Program is an IRS-sponsored program that can help someone get into compliance several different ways.

Installment Agreements
While the IRS used to request lump sum payments, the Fresh Start program now allows for the IRS to figure out a fair and affordable repayment plan. Those that owe up to $50,000 can now negotiate installment loans with affordable interest rates that allow the debt to be repaid over a six-year period.

Offers in Compromise
In some situations, the IRS will also work with taxpayers to determine a fair compromise to reduce the tax burden. In these cases, the IRS will complete a more thorough analysis to determine whether or not you can afford to repay the debt in a reasonable period of time. If the IRS determines that repayment will be too much of a burden for the taxpayer, they may be willing to forgive a portion or all of the past due amount.

Tax Liens
A third opportunity with the Fresh Start Program is an increase in the amount that triggers a tax lien. While the IRS can still technically file a lien in any situation that taxes are owed, they now typically will not file a lien until the past due amount is $10,000 or greater. Instead, the IRS will first work with you to determine a fair installment agreement or other compromise before they act.

If you have a tax debt owed to the IRS, contact Civic Tax Relief for help. Civic Tax Relief has a team of attorneys, agents, and tax professionals that can help you resolve and negotiate your tax liability with the IRS. Our team can help you to get back in good standing with the IRS and help you achieve financial freedom.