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Do I Qualify For IRS Tax Help?

Tax Negotiation and Settlement

Adding another calendar year to your tax debt won’t be looked on all too kindly by the IRS. And with free advice on how to settle your debt, there’s no reason to wait. Winter is coming. Tax season is soon to follow. Don’t risk higher wage garnishments, levies, or liens by putting it off any longer.

You Talk, We Listen

Our tax professionals resolved more than 2,500 cases and saved our clients millions in 2017. We did it the old-fashioned way: we listened. Instead of an automated message system, you’ll talk to a real person when you call. And you’ll do the talking. No two tax issues are identical, which is why we’ll work with you on a tailored solution that settles your debt without creating financial hardship.

Speed VS Skill

As Gandhi once said, “Speed is irrelevant if you’re going in the wrong direction.” Our goal isn’t just to get the IRS off your back–it’s to do it in the cheapest and most timely way possible for you. What worked for The Smiths may not work for The Sosas, and vice versa. So while our tax experts are at the ready to apply critical thinking and swift action on your behalf, we will never sacrifice potential savings for our clients.

Everything to Gain

“What’s the catch?” It’s a fair question. At Civic Tax Relief, we’ve thrived by putting our customers first. Yes, we hand out free consultations, and giving away free stuff may not sound like an ideal business model. That said, as our client testimonials show, our service beats out the competition time and time again. You have literally nothing to lose by calling. In fact, if you’re shopping for a tax relief partner, you’ll not only save money with Civic Tax Relief, you’ll save time by starting your search with us.

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