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The IRS Is After Me – What Now?

Tax Consultation, Tax Negotiation and Settlement

Receiving a letter or audit from the Internal Revenue Service is judiciously intimidating, although it doesn’t have to be. With the right mindset and resources, the dispute can be settled and business as usual can continue to sail smoothly. It all starts with a tax consultation.


The IRS Is Coming After Me. Now What?

If you find yourself targeted by the IRS, our first and foremost piece of advice is don’t panic. While it’s natural to find yourself anxious at the sight of an envelope adorned with their stamp, it’s important to remember that the IRS is not your enemy. Our lawful government will always sway towards the side of We the People, when appropriate.

  • Get educated. Before contacting a lawyer (if you choose to), it’s wise to familiarize yourself with the laws and procedures regarding your case. The official IRS website has a whole page devoted to documentation. For further instructions or additional information in general, snail mail, email, and telephonic assistance are available. Often, they’re eager to provide as much help as possible.
  • Gain insight. Alongside familiarizing yourself with the facts, it’s a good idea to gain the perspective of others who may have gone through or faced similar situations. Thanks to the internet, there are plenty of forums, blog posts, etc… dedicated to the experiences of others.
  • Consult a lawyer. After doing research of your own, we highly recommend consulting a lawyer. While tax lawyers may be costly, it isn’t very difficult to find an attorney who will provide a free consultation over the phone. It’s highly likely that a lawyer can provide advice or a unique point of view, which may be influenced by their own first hand experiences with similar cases. If it’s decided that you will need an attorney, hiring a pro bono tax lawyer is always an affordable option.

Receiving a letter from the IRS is rightfully intimidating, although it doesn’t have to be. With proper insight and education, your case can be handled calmly and amicably. For additional guidance, visit our blog. For more information on Civic Tax Relief, please contact us.